What Sachin Khedekar has to say about My New Book?

Sunil Gandhi
2 min readNov 25, 2021

My new fiction book My Condolence Meeting was published earlier this month in two languages. English and Gujarati (Titled: Mari Partrhna Sabha).

I approached well-known actor Sachin Khedekar to write a few words about the book for which he readily agreed.

Here is a blurb he wrote about the book.

The Book… “MY CONDOLENCE MEETING” has put me in a very reflective mood. We attend so many Condolence meetings. We listen to so many Eulogies and sometimes we offer Eulogies as well. So many of these tributes are rarely heartfelt. They are just formalities — the words and feelings have no connect at all.

Here is a book that shows a mirror to the realities of life! We all live in a utopia thinking that we are indispensable to our near and dear ones. Once we leave this world, we think that we are going to be terribly missed. But the world moves on — with or without us. This is the realisation that the book brings forth. It passes on a great philosophy that we better prepare a checklist and make up for the emotional hurt we may have caused not only to relatives but could be our own children as well.

The Protagonist Aniket’s fear that at his condolence meeting people will reveal the bitter truth about his nature makes him turn a new leaf. And it is this sequence of events that makes the book quite gripping.

Here are the links to the book.

  1. My Condolence Meeting — English Fiction
  2. Mari Parthna Sabha- Gujarati Fiction

You are welcome to buy, refer to friends, write reviews on Amazon. I am sure this could be a life-changing read.

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Originally published at https://wethecouple.com on November 25, 2021.