Press Release — Corona Virus Inc Board Meeting

Sunil Gandhi
2 min readJun 8, 2020


The outcome of the meeting of the Board of Directors of Corona Virus Inc held on 8th June 2020.


As unlock India 1.0 is unleashing, the board met today to take stock of the situation. There was a consensus, hope, and optimism that in spite of Govt's efforts, and medical research to find vaccines to kill us, we do not foresee any threat to our survival for the next few months.

The reasons for our optimism are as follows:

In spite of the scarcity of hospital beds and adequate facilities, people are energetic enough, even after tested positive, to go to several hospitals to find beds and ventilators. They say they are used to hardship.

Though the cost of the treatment to get us out of the body is enormous, people have enough money and insurance policies.

People want to go to public places like temples because Gods are only in temples not within them.

People want to socialize as they care more about their friends than their family members.

They love us so much that they don’t mind getting infected by their carelessness and infect their family members.

People do not want to follow the hygiene protocol, as they think nothing can happen to them and they are immune from us. (they think this in spite millions are dying due to us! & they say human beings are the intelligent creatures. How laughable?)

People want to walk with friends for their fitness because they are afraid of their own company.

They follow Helen Keller, who said, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” People think how long can one remain afraid of us and stay at home, they take risk of going out for frivolous reasons.

People also follow Gabbar Singh who said,” No Jail in the world can keep me inside for years.” They also believe no virus can keep us indoors for months. They don’t mind meeting the fate of Gabbar Singh.

They are bold and won't get scared unless they see death to their loved ones.

Seniors citizens are easier for us to inject but they are rigid in their disobedience of the protocol. This is an advantage for us.

Had they inculcated any civic sense, discipline, and obedience it would have been difficult for us to survive longer. Again advantage for us.

Considering all their daring misadventures, careless approach to life, it is easier for us to move from one body to another. We continue to see a healthy next-quarter performance. We will again meet to take stock of the situation as the Govt opens up more.



Sunil Gandhi

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