How to Solve Four Problems at a Time? How I did & You Too Can do?

Sunil Gandhi
4 min readDec 21, 2020

Only 3% of women meet the minimum healthy levels of physical activity, which brings a clutch of health benefits such as reductions in the risk of hypertension, coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetes, breast and colon cancer, obesity, depression, risk of falls, and improvements in bone and functional health. ( 1)

In light of the above coupled with the vacuum housewives face once their children grow up and start going to school, women in India are vulnerable. This needs to change. I am sharing my experience that will perhaps resonate with many women readers. It can help families and the nation to overcome fitness and health issues massively.

In this post, I will be addressing four problems at a time with only one suggestion.

  • Vacuum in the life of women after 40s (when children grow up and become independent)
  • Fitness of Women
  • Fitness of the Family
  • National health issues (India is the capital of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes already.)

Here is my journey.

Midlife Vacuum in Life

When my children grew up and started to manage their own things, I was 35. I used to get some free time. I spend my time watching afternoon TV and chatting with friends but somewhere in me, there was a feeling that I am wasting my time. I always wanted to do something. But 9 to 5 job was not an option as both my chidden were in the school and needed my support.

My husband is a CA and had a keen interest in fitness. He had completed a Diploma in Yogic Science and Diploma in Yogic Therapy. One day we saw a small ad in the newspaper by Talwalkar’s Aerobics & Gym Trainers’ Training Course. We discussed and finally decided that I should do the course. This is how my journey as a fitness professional begun.

It was a new and exciting experience. I used to travel in the morning at 5 many days to reach Nepean sea Road Talwalkar’s Fitness Academy from my Dahisar residence. I entered the world of Fitness and Aerobics. There I was inspired by Shri Madhukar Talwalkar and his passion for fitness.

My Own Fitness

Immediately after the course, I started Aerobics classes at my home. The subject of fitness attracted me as I was seeing the result of my own fitness by doing what I had learned. Thereafter the hunger for knowledge took me to K- 11 Fitness Academy. There I did three courses one after the other. These were Sports Nutrition, Personal Training, and Special Population.

I must say their courses and the course materials were excellent.

Thereafter I did the Suryanamashkar workshop and also participated in the 108 Suryanamashkar challenge. Now fitness is my number one daily priority. Handpicked case study: A health advice from 70-year-old lady to her 45-year-old daughter

In between while I was practicing fitness through exercise, I came across the book Don’t lose your mind, lose your weight, by Rujuta Diwakar and that was my entry into the space of diet. I read all her books thereafter. Handpicked related post: Kareena Kapoor’s Dietician for You

Fitness of Everyone Around

My home fitness classes continued thereafter for the last 18 years. The vacuum that was created in my life was gone. I enjoyed taking the class. The women who visited the class, for them that one hour was not only about fitness but was relaxing and venting their personal issues. I could help many women in solving their fitness issues and for regular fitness, educating them during the class. I visited the houses of senior citizens to help them exercising and overcoming health issues.

Fit Nation

The purpose of writing my experience is that I now firmly believe that this one decision of doing Talwalkar’s Aerobics Trainers Course changed my life. Now I am aware of the importance of fitness so mostly I find time for that during the day for my own fitness come what may. Secondly, I have become a guide for my family members and the go-to person for my friends about their fitness. All in all, my doing the fitness courses not only impacted my vacuum in life and my own fitness but I am influencing everyone around me about their fitness. Handpicked related post: How can YOU ease the pressure on the healthcare system?

This is how we can solve all the 4-problem mentioned above. Becoming a fitness professional for housewives should be mandatory. It can have an enormous personal and social impact, positive impact. I have always observed housewives put their own priorities last. Family first is their priority. but to put the family first also they need to keep their fitness, agenda number one.

This is how we the women would get active, get rid of the loneliness vacuum. Active women, Fit women, Fit family, and fit nation. This will give the Fit India movement a nationwide massive boost.

If we the women decide and are determined, we can change the fitness scenario of India. We need the Woman Fitness Minister in every house.

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Originally published at on December 21, 2020.