Sunil Gandhi
Author / Blogger / Script Writer


  • Rick Herranz

    Rick Herranz

  • Rajat Gondal

    Rajat Gondal

  • John Lawson I.C.E.

    John Lawson I.C.E.

    John Lawson Internet Commerce Entrepreneur Analyst, Writer & just a cool ass dude PERIOD. find me at

  • Roland Tamas

    Roland Tamas

    Career Strategist · Job Search Coach · Speaker · Trainer. Increasing professional performance and workplace productivity

  • Jessie Paul

    Jessie Paul

    Author. CEO of Paul Writer, a marketing advisory Former CMO, Wipro. Worked at Infosys, iGATE, Ogilvy

  • Kelvin Quee

    Kelvin Quee

    Co-Founder of (social media intelligence) and founder of (interdisciplinary conversations)

  • Marvin L. Storm

    Marvin L. Storm

    Internationally recognized #entrepreneur & #franchise_expert with a specialty in regional #franchising, #startup franchises and as a #franchise_expert_witness.

  • Garima Jaswani

    Garima Jaswani

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